Affiliate Account Guide

This is a guide designed to help you get the best out of your affiliate account. We will walk you through the basics on where to find things, how to find things and what to do with it all.

You’ve logged into your affiliate account, now what?

The first thing you will see once you’ve logged into your account is your homepage dashboard:

The SNAPSHOT section is the first block at the top and is an overall snapshot of your performance in any given date range. Usually, it’s a default view of your performance for the last seven days. You can change the date range by clicking on the dates in the top right corner of this block.

Side note: the SNAPSHOT view includes bookings that are pending, paid and cancelled.

On the right of the SNAPSHOT, you will see another block with the heading CREATE A LINK. This is where you will find your tracking link, you can copy and paste the existing one in this block or customise it to suit your needs. Refer to this post on Links for more information:

Side note: “Enter a Landing Page” has to be a Travelstart specific landing page and not an affiliate website landing page in order for bookings to be tracked. Besides Travelstart’s homepage, another great landing page to use is the Travelstart Flight specials page:

FIND AN AD TO PROMOTE, the third block at the bottom of your dashboard is where you will get quick access to generic ads.

Side note: special deal banners are loaded in the Ads section of your account (found at the top of the page).

Finding new deal banners and specials to promote

The purpose of deal banners is purely to help give you amazing content to promote through your various online platforms. Deals help increase your chances of bringing in sales and increasing your commission earnings.

Banners are typically used on websites, social media platforms and email marketing templates. The goal here is to push your customers to purchase on the Travelstart website. Your tracking is already built into the banner which allows us to track the sales back to you so that we can pay your commission out monthly 🙂

Refer to “Method 2” on this post for more information on deal banners:

Where do I find detailed reports on my performance?

Performance reports help you better understand where your marketing efforts are paying off. The most commonly used report is the “Advanced Action Listing” report.

This particular report highlights bookings that have been generated in a given time frame as well as their status and whether they are domestic or international bookings. If you make use of subIDs and sharedIDs, these will also be detailed in the Advanced Action Listing report.

So where do you find this report?

Click on the “Reports” tab at the top of your dashboard and select “All Reports”.

You will then be presented with the following screen:

Scroll down the page until you see a heading called “Listing” – here you will see a report called “Advanced Action Listing”.

You can now add this report to your Report drop down by selecting the option called “Add to Reports Dropdown”:

Once you have added this report to the dropdown, it can now be easily accessible from your Report menu tab. Reports can be downloaded in different formats and you can schedule reports to be emailed to you as often as you like.

In addition to the Advanced Action listing report, you will have access to countless other reports, all accessible from the “All Reports” section of your account.  

What to do when you get stuck and need help

Getting stuck on trying to find specific information or updating basic information like an email address or banking details can happen to anyone. Luckily, your account has a built-in help centre.

The help centre will be your go-to for almost anything you want to know about the platform.

Clicking on the magnifying glass on the right-hand side of the screen gives you quick search access. Using keywords or phrases to enter into the search bar will bring up various results relating to what you searched.

An alternative option is to hit the “ ? “ option on the right-hand side of the dashboard. The question mark is inside a circle. Once you click on this button, a help centre screen will pop up on the right-hand side like so:

In the help centre window, you will have access to various help guides on the platform and can search for anything specific that you might need.

Additional help guides can be found here:

If ever you are in doubt and need that extra bit of help from a human, please feel free to contact the affiliate team directly:

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Account Guide”

  1. Goodday,
    I am a Travelstart affiliate and have a question. If somebody clicks on my link, I can clearly see my affiliate no embedder in the url. If the customer would however click on any links on your website, the next rk does not reflect my affiliate id. If the customer would now buy, will I still get my commission ?

    1. Hi Bert, thank you for your comment. Your links contain a 30-day cookie which means that should your customer make a booking within a 30 day period (even if they come back directly to Travelstart without using your affiliate link), the sale will still be attributed to your account and you will receive commission on the booking 🙂 please contact if you have any more questions.

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