What Is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition – or also referred to as Cost Per Action is a type of affiliate marketing where advertisers, like Travelstart, pay affiliate marketers (that’s you) for a certain action taken. 

CPA is a type of commission model whereby advertisers will pay a set fee or commission rate to the marketer based on the specified (and agreed upon) action. Actions in reference to CPA affiliate marketing, typically refers to a sale or a conversion. This is all tracked and monitored through affiliate programs and networks. 

Methods of promoting 

Typical, yet effective methods of promoting a CPA affiliate marketing campaign comes down to who you are speaking to, how (through which channel) you are speaking to them and what you are asking them to do. In order to be successful in this space, make sure you explore: 

  • Landing pages. Ensure you have the right landing page in place or create a landing page that you will essentially funnel your traffic to. Unlike a typical blog post (that’s usually there to inform or educate users), landing pages should be your main “selling” page. Ensure that your landing page is geared and optimised towards getting in those conversions/actions. 
  • Splash pages. These are usually introduction pages and are meant to be more image heavy than content heavy. It’s a great way to get your users excited to engage with your website and helps prompt them to perform a certain action like clicking on a button, or registering for a newsletter. It’s a great way to give your website a bit more personality. Keep it light and fun.
  • Paid advertising can be very profitable (if used with caution). Keep an eye on your budget to ensure that you are not spending more than you are making. 

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Benefits of CPA Affiliate Marketing

CPA affiliate marketing has many benefits and can be very profitable when targeting the right audience and connecting with the right people. In a nutshell, CPA Affiliate marketing is:

  • Passive income over time. You can earn money while you sleep and you can set your own working hours. Once the initial setup has been done and the traffic is flowing, earning money becomes easy and passive. 
  • Little to no setup costs involved.
  • Access to multiple CPA networks and Affiliate programs across multiple industries. 
  • Dedicated assistance from affiliate managers to help boost your earnings.
  • Cross-sell and upsell opportunities in the CPA affiliate marketing space means more chances of earning more money.
  • Constant learnings on all things digital marketing.

Some top tips from the Travelstart affiliate team:

  • Don’t expect to be an overnight success without the traffic volumes. 
  • Traffic should be one of your core focuses. Ensure you are getting enough of the right people to your website/platform.
  • The more time and energy you put into your CPA affiliate marketing campaigns, the more money you will make. 
  • An established website is a sure-fire way to get accepted into Affiliate programs and CPA networks. 
  • Pick a product/service or a niche that speaks to your current audience. Give your users something that they would genuinely be interested in or could gain value from.
  • Keep educating yourself on all things online marketing.
  • Promote, promote and promote to help drive traffic and actions. 

The world of affiliate marketing is vast and beautiful, don’t give up on building a successful online business.

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