Air Mauritius resumes connecting flights to Seychelles

After 15 years, Air Mauritius has resumed operations in Seychelles from 2nd July. Flights will be scheduled twice a week with the Airbus A319, aiming to improve connections for frequent business and leisure travellers.

Travel agencies benefit from combining the two world-class beach destinations into one holiday package. Holidaymakers are able to merge both exotic beach destinations into one trip, boosting the overall tourism in both countries.

Air Mauritius is the perfect airline for multi- destination trips, with Réunion and Mauritius combination trips an exciting offer for many travellers”

Air Mauritius CEO, Somas Appavou

Lowering competition gives hope to Seychellois interested in travel as it might decrease airfare prices, therefore increasing access to affordable flights to South Africa, Réunion Island, Australia and more.

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