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Did you know that as an influential voice in the digital sphere, you could monetize your platform? The Travelstart Affiliate Program could be your gateway to turning your channel into a profitable venture.

Discover the Benefits

As an affiliate with Travelstart, you’re not just promoting flights – you’re opening doors to opportunities. Here’s what awaits you:

1. Lucrative Commissions: Earn highly competitive rates by promoting flights through your online platforms. With our CPA model, you earn a commission for every sale generated, ensuring your efforts are rewarded as they should be.

2. Cutting-edge Technology: Using our state-of-the-art technology platform, you will be equipped with tools and widgets to maximise your earnings. Whether you opt for our unbranded, fully responsive flight booking widget or choose to utilize our promotional banners, we provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

3. Real-Time Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your campaigns with our advanced reporting system. Track your performance, optimise your strategies and watch your commissions add up.

Promote and Prosper

Here’s how you can start earning with Travelstart:

1. iFrame Integration: Simplify the process with our easy-to-use flight booking widget. Seamlessly embed it into your website and watch as your audience explores and travels while earning you a commission.

2. Captivating Banners: Grab your audience’s attention with our eye-catching banners. From social media to newsletters, our unbranded designs are tailored to drive engagement and boost your earnings.

3. Tracking Links: Generate tracking links with your unique affiliate ID and start earning commission on every sale referred through your efforts.

Join the Adventure

Have we convinced you to get started? Signing up is quick and easy. Simply select your location or target country from the list below and take the first step towards becoming a Travelstart Affiliate:

African markets:

From novice bloggers to seasoned influencers, the Travelstart Affiliate Program welcomes enthusiasts from all walks of life. With our dedicated support team, extensive marketing materials and top commission payouts, success is within reach.

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