Why Europeans and Americans should open a travel site in Africa and the Middle East.

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We know that it can be quite difficult to promote flights in developed markets such as Europe and America. Looking at typical keywords and trying to rank for them has become quite competitive. The market is becoming more and more saturated over time and there are too many affiliates and big players already in the market. There is just no more room for growth.

Identifying Opportunities

Africa and the Middle East, however, are growing markets of roughly a billion people! Economies are growing and millions of people have and are moving into the middle class, constantly. We see that the buying power within these markets is growing too. Purchases from iPods to Porsches can’t be overlooked. The simple fact is that Africans and Middle Easterners love to spend money.

Tech and Dev hubs are popping up throughout Africa and MENA. Regions like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia are at the forefront and understanding technology, e-commerce and the online world have become more apparent in these markets. Making it the perfect time to launch your online business.

Travelstart has proven time and time again that is possible to make a successful online travel business in such underestimated markets, which means that you can too!

This is the perfect opportunity to expand your reach, your marketing efforts and your commission earnings.

I’m sure you are wondering: “Why should I promote in Africa & MENA, what’s in it for me?”


  1. There is very low competition in the affiliate marketing space which means there are great opportunities to rank for popular keywords such as “Cheap flights” or “Book flights online”.
  2. Emerging markets means that there is great potential for long-term growth and success that’s sustainable.
  3. There are already major movements in spend and technology in countries like South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.
  4. Through the Travelstart Affiliate Program, you will have access to an unbranded flight booking widget to help build your own online travel site.
  5. All major domestic and international airlines will be available to your customers.
  6. Local payment options available in these regions makes booking flights even easier for your customers.
  7. Exclusive airline deals make for amazing content to promote.
  8. Travelstart has strong brand recognition throughout Africa.
  9. Barriers to entry are low.
  10. We must open Africa to Africans and tap into the huge existing network of travellers in MENA if we really want to boost growth.

Important things to consider before moving into Africa and MENA.

  • Think local. This means creating a localised website with a local domain. For Example, if you are targeting Nigeria as a market, remember that your domain should end in .com.ng to ensure that locals trust you and the products that you are offering.
  • Relevant market content. The Travelstart affiliate managers can help you with content topics around local low-cost carriers, top booked domestic and international routes as well as basic insights into the travel behaviour of these prospective customers.
  • Look at local players in the market to get an idea of what your website should look like.
  • Provide reasons for locals to book flights through your website.
  • Don’t expect to start earning right away, these things take time.

At the end of the day, everyone loves to travel, we aim to make travel simple and to fix travel in Africa. The opportunities are endless!

Contact affiliates@travelstart.com for more information and to help you get started.

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